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Portal Pack: Nova Apex ADW

Version: 1.2 | Downloads: 159

Size: 18.28M | Report Abuse

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Portal Pack is a fresh new theme for many prominent launchers on Android. Containing 460+ full HD icons and nine wallpapers this set will look great on your home screens and app drawer!



- 460+ carefully crafted icons.

- 9 unique wallpapers (2560x1600).

- Icon masking reshaping all unthemed icons and adding a round glow to fit in with themed icons..

- Easy-to-use dashboard app.

- Frequent updates from a developer acting on feedback from users .

- Nova, Apex, ADW and Action Launcher support.


*Coming Soon*

- I'm working on a bunch of great quality Zooper Widget skins to compliment the icon pack and boss your home screen ;)

- More wallpapers

- Plenty of icons!


*How do I use this pack?*

- Install one of the third-party launchers listed above.

- Open app through app drawer and apply theme to relevant launcher *OR* apply through launcher settings.



- I removed move-to-SD functionality because it interferes with the app with icons not loading properly.

- There are many more launchers that support this icon pack, however the ones listed above are the only ones that I have personally tested and will answer to.

- This icon pack was originally designed and tested using only xhdpi screens, your results may vary with other resolutions

- You can request new icons within the dashboard.

- If you are having trouble *email me*. Honestly, I'll go out of my way to help you

***I have had to republish this app after Eclipse failed to recognise my keystore... At the time of writing everybody who purchased the original app has been refunded. Sorry, it cannot happen again!***



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